What is Event management?

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What is Event management?

Lorne Armstrong

“What kind of work do you do?” is a common question for everyone in meetings. Your reply is event management. You most likely will receive follow-up questions of what exactly that implies.

Whether you’re a party planner, exhibition planner or conference planner. In event planning profession, the job titles are diverse and various. It could be hard to describe and separate one from another. It can be challenging when preparing an event planning portfolio. Especially working with a client does not understand your activity capacity and duties.

Event management task

At basic meaning, event management can be understand as manage the events. Event management is the process of using business management method and organizational skills to envision,plan and execute social and business activities. Event management work is specialize with schedules, budgets, design and vendors to create the best events for clients.

Core function of event management

Although event planners have different job titles, their core function work within the realm of event management. Once you are working in event management, you will be involved in planning, executing and evaluating all events. These event can be organized by corporate, association, nonprofit and government.

Event management work process

Event management requires strong organizational,budgeting and creative skill. An event manager will start planning an event by communicate with clients and collecting information about clients’ vision of their events. Then they will discuss the overall concept or theme, in order to have a clear event budget. There is a normal notice that experienced managers can reduce all cost in an effective way, so they can fix all clients’ objective in an effective way. On the other hand, they also can encourage event into a higher level with fixed budget.

Once event budget is in place, event managers will finalize the concepts and themes for events, line up event location and event production vendors, and obtain any necessary permissions, permits and insurance. All these items should prepare in advanced, make sure no error will effect event preparation,
Event venue selection needs professional knowledge and experience, the best venue will not only decline event budget, but also encourage event process smoothly. event managers will consider all element such as parking, transportation, accommodation & catering. Event AV equipment is another important factor in event management, this need coordination with all equipment suppliers.
At last, on the day of events, event management team will be on-site in order to run event and handle any potential issue. Following the event, the team should wrap any details and get feedback from the clients.

Event Management Involves Project Management

Event management includes creating and developing large-scale events. Such as: annual dinners, conferences, conventions, concerts, trade shows, themed parties, and ceremonies. It also involves
1. Identifying target group,
2. Formulating event concept,
3. Arranging general coordination.
4. Conducting project management.
This might include managing individuals of every function team, the event budget, and administration execution. Event managers also supervise the services of event production vendors and professionals.
Specific responsibilities of an event manager might include:
1. Venue selection and investigation
2. Coordinating outside suppliers
3. Speakers or entertainment engagement
4. Transportation and parking arrangement
5. Permits and appropriate insurance
6. Health and safety compliance standards
7. Emergency plan preparation
8. On-site Crisis and situation management
9. Security plan design
10.Monitoring of event

This list is not completed. Depending on scope of event, activities responsibilities may be various. The main responsibility of project management involve keeping track of time during the events, ensuring proper equipment, managing staff and other venue-related tasks. Event managers, on the other hand, orchestrate all event details, create and manage budgets and timeline, handle vendors, assist with contract negotiation.

The Role of Event Management Services

Event management companies plan and execute large-scale company conferences and special events. While weddings and concerts are common events for them. Sporting events, annual dinners, ceremonies and themed parties are benefit from event management.

Event management needs cooperation with different staffs of various function. Any event cannot be successful without professional controlling system. As development of software, most people prefer to use event management software to improve their work efficiency. No doubt that it will helps people finish their work in short time, but event management is not a simple mechanical combination of each items, it is more about a perfect biological combination.

Enterprises all use event management companies to arrange significant events and conferences. The event management capacity within a corporate marketing, public relation departments.

Aptitudes to Succeed

Event management requires excellent organizational skills to finish event successfully. The capacity to multitask and juggle many ongoing parts is fundamental. Top-notch organizations need effective management aptitudes.
The ability of organize and focus on task leads to a successful event. Event management starts with process of creating a concept. And then overseeing it to execution, which needs both imagination and adaptability.
Project management is key component and includes overseeing capacities. But teams of staff, relational aptitudes are also significant. Collaboration with individuals at all dimensions of an organization is part of work. Outstanding relational abilities will go far in building up those connections.

There is a no doubt fact that, guest may not notice the work of event management in well-planned event, but they would notice a chaotic event once lack of professional management.

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