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Eagle Focus is a event planning company based in USA. With full service of AV production and extensive equipment. We can help you plan an effective and memorable conference. Leave a lasting impression on employees, clients and other stakeholders. Our company control every process from start to end. So that you can focus on enjoying corporate conference, no need to worry about any administration or logistics. Our company have partnered with hundreds of organizers. Such as: educational seminar, sales conference, annual strategy meeting, industry conference and award night.

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Conference And Event Planning Solution

Our experienced team will work with you from initial planning to final event. Professional resources are essential for smooth plan and implementation of a conference. We will provide you with dedicated, experienced corporate event planner as key point of contact. A graphic designer and a senior production manager to cover all audio-visual and decorative installation aspects of your conference. These key personnel will be backed up by our entire team. They will understand every smallest detail of your conference. In order to facilitate your needs.

Whether you are planing a small regional meeting or a large scale national event. As a top-tier corporate event planning company, we guarantee your conference a unique success. Every AV element will showcase your brand effectively and impress delegates deeply.

Conference Planning Guide

Organizing a successful conference is not easy task, we need tremendous forethought plan. Without any experience of conference planning, you will waste lots of time on each little details, but overlook more important issues. In order to make the process simple and smoothly, we have outlined the most important steps for every conference planning.

Step 1 Develop Conference Vision

Every conference starts with a vision, you need to transform your vision in to detail words and numbers. Consider with your location, date, time, guest number and assistant equipment, in order to measure your coast and make informed planning decision.

Step 2 Create Conference Budget Plan

You need to decide what will you offer to attendees, which itinerary and speaker lineup will you choose, what kind of venue will you order, which level of AV equipment will you rent. All these items will make you budget plan more easier.

Step 3 Conference Venue And Service Selection

Once you have a specific idea about your conference scheduler and guest number, you should then start to select the perfect venue. There is no doubt that your venue selection must consider of additional catering and audio visual cost. In the reason of conference center and hotels require you to use their in-house services. In addition, accommodations is another factor you need to consider in your venue selection.

Step 4 Conference Registrants Management

Managing registration is more and more difficult in conference planning with huge guests number. Now we recommend online registration system, which can encourage attendees finish registration in short time online, and help you track attendee number, organize data and process payment.

Step 5 On-site Conference Detail Management

General layout of conference room, assistant audio visual equipment and distribution of souvenirs are part of conference planning. We need to solve problems in advance, and try to coordinate all details like your guest walk through your itinerary.

Discover Our Service

You have planned your conference in USA. We should confirm last detail:

A. Conference venue

B. Invited delegates

C. Keynote speakers

Now you need event management, audio-visual expertise and on-site conference management. Support to make your conference smoothly.

We are top rated corporate events planner. We work with both local based and overseas conference planners, sponsors and stakeholders. They need hands-on help and local knowledge to make their conference successful. Let us handle all logistics and technical details associated with your conference. While you focus on your networking, marketing and strategic objectives.

Our Conference Planner Services Include:

  • Venue investigation
  • Coordination, management and decoration of venue
  • Design and development of creative concepts
  • Printed and electronic invitations
  • Delegate website and on-site registration assistance
  • VIP airport transfer
  • Signage, backdrops and displays
  • Furniture rental
  • AV equipment rental & technical support
  • Audio Visual expertise & equipment – Lighting, Sound, LED wall
  • On-site logistical, personnel and technical supports
  • Catering coordination
  • Conference brochure printing
  • Delegate tags/ lanyards and name plates
  • Gift sourcing and packaging
  • Conference gala dinner planning
  • Conference photography & videography
  • Event entertainment program

The success of any event is dictated by satisfaction of all guests. We guaranteed each attendee get with function while everything meet your main objective. From the first planing stage to the conclusion of conference. We will meet your interests and exceed your expectation.

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