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Lighting Equipment Rental

Highlighting your event

High quality and creative light system is essential for creating atmosphere and setting scenes. According to your vision of activities, elaborate lighting design and equipment can renovate your venue. When you are looking for original and unique lighting solution to create impressive event experience, Eagle Focus is your natural choice. We provide lighting equipment rental service for events including:

A. Annual dinners,

B. Conferences,

C. Wedding banquets,

D. Private parties,

E. Product launches,

F. Grand opening,

G. Outdoor festivals.

By discussing with your idea and completing site investigation, we can collaborate with you at the highest level. We will work on your concepts and themes. Take into consideration venue, guest number, brand value and your budget. We aim to ensure our lighting service meet your needs and vision.

From environment introduction to audience movement and stage lighting, our knowledge an experience have accumulated for more than 15 years. We will use every aspects of this to create customized lighting system for you event. This will lead you and your guests experience your envisage to the opulent or minimal backdrop.

Our team will work with you to design a customized solution from concept to completion, consistent with your vision of event. Our mission is to ensure your experience in working with Eagle Focus is absolutely perfect.

Our project manager, event lighting design engineer and technicians will work with you from concept to completion, in order to design wholly bespoke solution aligned with your event vision.

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concert lighting system

Professional event lighting team

How can lighting equipment influence your event effect? Some people may ask “why do I need  lighting equipment for my wedding banquet or company dinner”? Lighting has great impact on any event, but its importance is often ignored. With professional lighting techniques. We can transform ordinary ballroom and function room into a magical space full of energy. We will enhance your event experience by creating dynamic scenes and injecting subtlety elements.

Besides, professional event lighting system can enhance your signage, branding, stage and table decorations. Lighting can also draw attention to points of focus and away from less attractive areas. Finally, professional lighting system can enhance any performances greatly. Live bands become more entertaining, kick-off dance performances more lively. 

With 15 years working in contemporary event, our team brings a wealth of first-hand experience. We will identify and solve any potential issues and problems before your activities begin.

When you select Eagle as your event lighting system supplier, you will get complete peace in your mind. Our experience and knowledge meas that we can take all measures to enhance your event experience, create dynamic scenes and inject subtlety elements via the lighting.

With a wide storage of different types of lighting for both stage and show, in addition with rigging, dimmers, cable and control desks. We can design and implement any level of detail you need in event. Our range of venue lighting equipment includes moving heads, led and generic light, special lighting elements also available for appropriate use.

When we begin your event lighting design task, we will join you on a venue investigation. Then work with your ideas and themes to build an outline of venue set-up work. We can take multifunctional event and change lighting system to suit all sessions. This will transit designs in your event progresses from day conference to night dinner for example. Regardless of these challenges, our team can create lighting schemes for any size and style of event venue. We can work with existing systems,add our own rigging system as required, create your corporate display color scheme.

Our team is happy to discuss the best solution for you and your event, including any aspect of lighting design and wider AV concern.

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conferience lighting

Our event light equipment

Eagle Focus will use advance lighting design, the latest lighting equipment and extensive experience. In order to make your ideas and event concept into reality. Our lighting designers and operators will stress every detail of your production.

Our event lighting equipment includes:

1 LED Computerized Lighting

LED light

2 Incandescent Lighting

3 Laser Lights

laser light

4 Lighting Consoles

5 Dimmers

6 Rigging Equipment & Ground Support

7 Haze Machines & Fog Machines

8 ETC fixtures

9 LED wash lights

10 Lighting control desk

We will enhance your participants experience through our lighting design. In addition, we will continue to improve your audiovisual capability through other supported equipment.

Our team is here to make your event idea and concept into a reality through advanced venue lighting design. With 15 years working in contemporary event production, our team have first-hand experience, not just event lighting design, but in practicality of event production.

If you are planning you next event, please contact us for your event lighting design.

annual dinner lighting

Lighting rental and other event service

Eagle Focus event service is flexible for wide range of activities, perfect for any size or style. Our service team will cooperate with you at every detail. Satisfy your demand by advice on equipment hire.

Clarity sound system

Our audio design and equipment will give clarity to all audience. We make sure that sound stay constant, regardless of location and microphone type. We can provide a wide rage of audio equipment, and the best choice for your unique event.

Led wall and lighting coordination

We will consider how to make your marvelous led wall display coordinate with lighting system. Not only all guests have a clear view of scene, but also bright imagery of led walls.

Broadcasting with event filming and video editing

Event live filming and streaming will spread your event video on both traditional and network ways. It can encourage your audience number in explosive growth. Anyone on the earth can be invited to your event with just a cellphone. Excellent corporate video are more valuable than traditional TV and print advertising. Development of information network promote changes in video editing. Brief and distinctive short videos are becoming more and more sensational in network media.

Various furnishings hire

Furniture of different colors and materials will show different effects under lighting system. We will choose suitable items for various event venue and style. No matter you are holding a personal party or international conference. Our furniture rental team will give you professional advice.

launch lighting

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