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Eagle Focus provides audio equipment rental services in Hong Kong. Audio system seem to be most straightforward element of event planning. At first glance, all you need may be microphones and speakers. In fact, even simple parts will be complicated. Professional sound equipment ensure every one gets best sound level in venue. That’s the reason of professional sound system hire.

A professional audio system is the key element of any musical performance, conference. So, it’s very important to hire an excellent audio system. We provide high-quality sound equipment and full-time professional audio technicians to operate. Whether you’re hosting a conference, a wedding, a product launch or a gala dinner. We provide suitable sound equipment to cover your function.

Professional sound system is a combination of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, PAs, mixing desks and an experienced audio technicians team. Their experience can make audio-visual equipment not just work but give you a flat audio experience. 

In every event, you need to ensure that all audience can hear your speakers clearly, never struggle or overwhelm by distorted sound due to too loud or badly mixed. Our team will work with you to design an audio system solution. In line with your vision of event and its environment.

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Audio system controlling center

Cooperate with expert

Once you decide work with Eagle Focus, you can guarantee that our experience and knowledge will enhance dynamic and clarity to your event soundscape. We are pride of top sound equipment company in this country, sound is always one of our key successful point.Before your audio visual equipment hire, we will discuss with you about your sound need in event.

If you have a large venue split into smaller areas, which need to make sure sound from one area will not bleed into another. Eagle Focus audio-visual equipment hire service can satisfy any size and style venue. On-site visit will help us evaluate comprehensively form AV perspective. We can use investigation to identify any potential problem areas. Such as recesses, pillars and others can decompose sound flow. We will work together with your to determine which size and type of audio equipment your event demands, how and where speakers should be installed for optimal sound quality. As you expect, we need to consider appearance and sensation of event in this process.

Eagle Focus audiovisual equipment rental service is comprehensive and our equipment inventory can cater for any location and various event.

Our flexibility support your freedom to create the most ideal and comfortable setting for your event. Wireless speakers can transmit sound to any place without wires. Wireless lapel mics will help us switch lecturers and MCs voice freely. Roaming wireless microphones will ensure dialogue and sound flow between audience and stage.

All of our audio and visual service has full pre-production support along with experience on-site technical team. In order to ensure the smooth running of events.

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equalizer and speakers

Our professional audio service

Our sound equipment inventory includes:

1 Power amplifiers

Power amplifiers

2 Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Condenser Microphones


3 Digital & Analog Sound Mixers

Sound Mixers

4 Playback Equipment

5 Speakers and Monitors


6 Line Array Speakers

Line Array Speakers

7 Radio Systems & Intercom Systems

8 Effects & Outboard Processors

Effects & Outboard Processors

9 Racks and Music Stands

music stand

10 Cables and Accessories

11 Equalizer


12 Microphone stand

13 Link cables

14 Direct injection box

15 Playback/Recorder

16 In-ear monitor

17 DJ Turntables & DJ Equipment

18 Musical Instruments (keyboards, pianos, drums, percussion instruments)

Eagle Focus experience and capable team will take your ideas form initial concept through to event reality. We build our reputation with 15 years creativity and professionalism event management work. Whatever your event size or location, our mission is to deliver practical and creative solutions for you. We also unpick any issues before open your event on the day.

Our team aim to enhance your guest event experience. All new technology and premium equipment will help us elevate your event. Whatever your occasion, our friendly and knowledgeable team are pleasure to offer advice and discuss your requirements in detail. We had created series of audio package for a range of needs, technical requirements and budgets. All these package have been created by our event experience and venue knowledge.

It is no exaggeration to say that we can meet any aspects of your AV needs. Scope includes audio-visual equipment rental, daily setup and technical support. We are your trustworthy partner. All details from event planning at beginning to PA rental and live event video on the day.

sound control system

Audio hire and other event service

Eagle Focus event service is flexible for wide range of activities, perfect for any size or style. Our event team will work with you at each stage. Provide all aspects of your needs, including: audio equipment rental, lighting rental, LED wall rental, photography & videography, furniture rental.

Atmospheric Lighting system

Our lighting design and production service create right ambiance throughout event venue. We offer ancillary service such as: rigging, control desk and lighting equipment hire.

Fantastic visual display

Clarity of sound must match with visual effect. We have high definition LED wall system, suitable for any venue and layout. All information you want to share with your guests will show up in diversified way.

Excellent video edition

Our event photography and video services provide variety solutions for your event. Enterprise branded video is an artistic enterprise name card. Live event filming and streaming can take your event into higher level of accessibility and inclusiveness. You can open it globally and enable real-time links to both traditional and digital media.

Diversified furniture leasing

As no single event is identical, Eagle Focus has different range of furniture in stock. Our furniture hire service are suitable for any occasions and any events. Whether you need a simple coffee table or a complete set of designer chair, we guarantee meet your expectation.

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