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Our Mission

We spread your brand effect with the most captive creation method. Marketing is no longer simple selling process, but creating a compelling story to captivate your audience. For over 20 years, Eagle Focus has created world class video production for world famous brand. From concept to production, we apply great storytelling, cinematography and animation with advanced technology, in order to create video production exceed expectation.

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Video production process


We communicate with our clients, apply their brand information to construct a unique idea and vision. Then prepare the scripts, build the storyboard, and bring messages to life, seeking out the perfect location and talents. A solid pre-production is critical for final video production.


Once shoot organization is finished, our dedicated crew will apply the most advanced equipment to execute the vision efficiently. We strive for every perfect shot, no matter indoors or outdoors, time-lapses or flying drones.


Our editors and effect artists will consolidate all elements, form script to footage, and forge the perfect edit. Then add music , record voice-overs, color grade every shot for final stunning frame. Finally, provide end result with exceeding expectation.

Corporate video production

Corporate video, as the most powerful medium in worldwide, is the most compelling videos online. It will not only inform, but also entertain and inspire viewers to act as your call.

Eagle Focus is the most professional video production company, we are able to provide t high quality and cost-effective videos for your business. Our all-in-one service will enable your brand into corporate video, and communicate every business culture message, including: product video, event hype reel, core competition. We can scale your video and deliver eager information with excellent content.

Eagle Focus has high reputation in corporate video production, our team is consist of experienced and innovative audio-visual professionals. Our camera crew and editing team implement their expertise to satisfy any client brief.

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Commercial video production

Eagle focus aim to relay our client’s unique brand message expertly in engaging, interesting and individualistic ways. Our commercial video production can evoke interest and intrigue of clients. As your commercial video production agency, Eagle Focus will provide the best commercial video for you. We can bring your brand vision to life.

Contact Eagle Focus for a commercial video production with evocative effect. Our expert team will discuss how to incorporate storytelling techniques, and capture audiences’ attention and imagination.

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Creative video production

Eagle Focus are never afraid to take risks, most of our video are not only a familiarity with brand identity, but also brand education to the viewers. Every member in Eagle Focus team will provide valuable suggestion. We are always searching for new and exciting ways to break ground in narrative and filming. All of our video production are created with the forefront product and message.

To further deal with the highly technical element. We develop futuristic visuals, depicting virtual and augmented reality on mobile device, in order to create an authentic world for character navigation.

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Animation production

Animation production have different impact to live action film in marketing. With people, objects and activities into cartoons, we can communicate complex information effectively. Moreover, professional voice-cover keep the brand tone and messages accurately.

Animation production are more creative, there are fewer distractions or risks of misunderstand. Animations will add interest to products, process and services then enhance marketing message. Animation video will be significantly impactful with right application, different brands can apply this tactic in different ways.

Eagle Focus has professional animation team in graphic, coding and magic computer create. They will create the wildest imaginations with vast manifest.

Eagle Focus has the most experienced team in video production industry, including copywriter, directors, animators and producers. Call us or Email now for you next great video.

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