How to organize event rehearsals?

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How to organize event rehearsals?

Company annual dinner plans to complete program validation. It plays four roles:

Familiar with the program connection,

Familiar with the performance venue,

Familiar with the security link,

Familiar with the performance process.

The sequence of organizing rehearsals by Eagle Focus is as follows.

1. Formation of stage staff

The stage staff including:

Background director





The stage staff should familiar with clear division, responsibility, and performance venue.

investment promotion

2. Convening of team leader

Before the performance, team leader of specific performance departments should have a meeting. The meeting is best held at the performance site.

The stage supervision announced the performance time: program sequence, solicited opinions. And should put forward the requirements and precautions. For example:

the board should be lighted,

move the microphone;

the closing time should be short,

the actor should appear immediately

clothing should be neat,

if it is to be disguised, it should be based on the intensity of the light, to propose a rough standard of makeup.

The background director announce related matters of enterprises, such as:

no loud noises in the background,

off-site instruments

background sanitary.

3. Organizing rehearsal

If it is convenient to use the stage, it is best to organize all the rehearsals of the show. So that the actors can familiarize with position and performance environment. Double check in performance:

connection of the joints,

lighting set,


sound reinforcement.

When stage protection is implemented, it ensures that party will go smoothly.

After general rehearsal above, process of the activity has been guaranteed.

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