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LED Screen Rental

LED display for your event

Eagle Focus provide LED screen rental service in Hong Kong. LED wall are ideal for any events. The audio visual component of live events has become high-technology dependent. Participants expect high-quality LED displays at conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions and meetings. LED wall have most powerful impact on your event management projects. It enables presentation and live feed video to be more and more vivid.

It is critical to attract your audience’s attention in event, whether in conference, anniversary or launch. We will give you a wide rage of LED wall solutions for your event. Eagle Focus is a fully-integrated event management company with professional audio visual service. We offer LED wall from P6 to P2.5 which provide excellent resolution. Our technical team will be on site to make sure that LED wall operates perfect.

From unique LED walls hire to large and bright projection and screen, Eagle Focus will give you access to various solutions tailored to your event perfectly. We know that audience is key to make a successful event. If they are unable to see what the key speaker discuss and share clearly, they will lose interest and distract by other items. A clear and comfortable display is vital to maximize their interest, your visual display will stimulate them and leave your event key messages etched in their mind.

We understand that when you start to look for a video projector system or LED screen you might need in event, the options seem overwhelming. We will work with you in a logical manner from the event itself. We will maximize event experience while keeping to your budget and brief, in addition with your input, vision and objectives.

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Professional LED equipment team

When you work with Eagle Focus LED equipment team, we are at you disposal. We will bring 15 years of experience and expertise to table, prove clear direction on your video display need to develop your ideas. Furthermore, create best visual treat for your audience that they will new forget. We are proud to be top rated screen and video projector hire. This enable us to supply all our clients best solution, regardless of the event size and style. Even the requirement of specialized equipment.

We will offer the most suitable LED screen solution for your unique event. First contact with you about your idea and concept, we can give you our professional advice about different screen type. Such as: definition level, single large screen or multiple small screens, approximate LED wall size. In addition, venue investigation will help us determine better solutions.

Furthermore, event process detail will help us remove uncertain items. We know how to attract guest interest, all your information on LED screen won’t be ignored by any audiences. We will use your input, vision and objectives to maximize event experience. Our LED system can operate with variety inputs and mix all forms of digital media, including: live streaming video, social media feeds, presentation materials, prerecord video, mobile phone and laptop video.

Whatever themes and unique demand of your event, our team will ensure selected equipment math requirement of your brief and venue.

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Three reason to select LED wall

There are 3 benefits of LED wall display:

1. High Brightness

High brightness displays and convenient operation make an attractive option for many settings:

A. store signage

B. billboards

C. advertising

D. destination signs

E. stage shows

F. indoor displays

Since they’re becoming widespread, the cost of renting LED wall is affordable. High brightness of LED walls is the main reason as the top choice of visual technicians. LED panels generate their own brightness, so the image is much more vivid when it reaches the viewer.

2. High definition

HD video is becoming popular type and supplanting Standard Definition as industry norm. LED displays support HD, whereas many projectors are still SD. Projectors won’t display HD images at their full resolution.

3. Simpler settings & fewer venues limit

LED panels can range from about 60 inches (1.52 m) to 90 inches (2.29 m) at the large end of spectrum. It is always stacked to create a composite image that’s as large as you want. LED walls are a few inches thin, and can dismantled and moved into a new space easier than projector. This means you’re not restricted about the kind of venue in which you are setting up your display.

concert led screen

Projector service for your event

Eagle Focus offer various LED wall solutions to create fantastic visual in both small and large venue. In addition, we still provide professional video projector hire service. If you need edge blending, pixel mapping and 3D projection to add visual magic for your events. We can create amazing vision in small space by short throw lenses with rear projection screen, this will display lager-scale vision with clarity in tight space. With digital mixer, scaler and switcher, we will create bespoke effect for your event, ensure an unique experience for everyone involved.

Event concept to success

Our managers will organize a venue investigation after initial conversation about your event. This site visit will help us to assess the venue and location form AV hire perspective. In addition enable to identify potential issues such as blocked view of architecture. There is no doubt that site visit can help us provide better option for your event. We can create a complete outline of your event after venue investigation.

Our team can determine any additional display are needed to relay visuals throughout the venue. We never forget how important the vision and sensation of event to your guest, and we will consider to provide the beset method of communicating your visuals.

TCL conference led wall

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