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Grand Opening & Product Launch Planning

The best choice of grand opening & product launch planner

Eagle Focus plan and manage grand opening and product launches. All these activities attract potential and existing customers. Your opening ceremony should be a springboard. Which will attract future business and reinforce your company brand. Once you have selected the date and created your guest list. We can construct a particular and budgeted solution to your needs.

We are pride of working with you to manage the event. We will help set scene and create right atmosphere for grand opening and product launch. In addition, we’ll firmly understand your budget and brand value. What we supply are not only technical experience but also creative solutions.

If you have a new product, service or brand to launch, a new store and company to opening. It’s time for you to call us. You need opening ceremony and product launch planing company. We can take your creative flair and bring your vision and concept to real practice.

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Grand opening & product launch event equipment

Audio system

Audio equipment is critical to create right atmosphere in any size and style of your opening ceremony and product launch. Our team allow us tailor audio to match your event seamlessly.

Our sound equipment service for event encompasses:

A. PA system

B. Mufti-microphone system

C. Wireless PA and microphone system

D. Mixing across multiple environment

Our service surpasses technical operation and equipment selection. We work with you to provide unforgettable experience for all guest. From walk-in themes to presentation music, background atmosphere to live. Our team will design perfect audio supplement for your release. Our sound equipment incorporate background of event, maintain overall feeling and create professional atmosphere. We ensure continuity and flow of sound.

Projector system

Our team have decades of experience of providing excellent audio service for both large and some events. For small events, we will create close experience to attract your audience with subtle and low keyed voices. At large events, spectacle AV design will keep your brand firmly in the spotlight. Our team will help you create ideal grand opening and product with expert guidance.

Lighting system

Lighting system service includes:

A. Fully rigged system

B. Wireless systems for small event

From up-lighting around venue edge to highlighted key point. Even a full rig with wide selection of different lighting types and effects to maximize your event.

In addition, we will investigate venue make sure anything compliance with health and safety  regulations. In opening ceremony and product launch, you need everyone can see the moment of unveiling. Further more, videography and live streaming is critical for your brand promotion.

Our grand opening & product launch service

The professional event management team at Eagle Focus can help you with:

1 Brand and corporate identity building

2 Creative concept development & design

3 Venue search, decoration, coordination & management

4 Staging, projection, event lighting and sound systems

5 Backdrops, signage and branding

7 Ribbon cutting and ceremonial props

8 Professional costumed greeters and models

9 Reception & registration services

10 Master of Ceremony

11 Live band and DJ

12 Opening dance shows and other performances

13 Gift sourcing & packaging

14 Event photography & videography

Eagle Focus understand importance of brand experience and live events for a company. We will provide high quality Grand Opening and product launch. Make sure it is impressible and correlative. Eagle Focus has proudly cooperated with world leading brands. We are fully confident of creating distinctive and memorable event. In order to promote reputation and revenue for your company.

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