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Eagle Focus provide stage hire service in Hong Kong. We design and build stages for various events, including:

Annual dinner


Product launch

Themed party

Grand opening



We can provide the perfect stage for any size and style event, whatever the occasion. Stage hire is the first step for any event. 15 years of experience notice that your creating you event stage is more than providing a simple platform to stand on, it sets a position where the whole event will be focused on. Creative stage forms the nucleus of your whole event. From the stage, you design and build your complete set. It gives you the perfect setting for you to showcase, share, discuss and speak with your audience. 

Right stage is key for your event, It create an impression and set the tone in your event, yet it need to be practical and facilitate smooth running. We will discuss about your initial ideas at first. Then venue investigation will help us select stage frame and logistic. We can determine the right portable stage hire option for you, based on consideration of size, structure and available space. We are able to create 3D visualization to help you to understand how it work and which the best option is.

In the design of set and stage, we work within health and safety regulations, in addition to complete full risk assessments for all eventualities. We know that not only create a great experience for your guests, but ensure a safe, secure environment for your event.

When you decide to select Eagle Focus as your stage builder. You will receive professional guidance for our expert team. Our 15 years experience will add more than your expectation in your event. We hope to exceed your expectation every time. Try our best to fulfill your ideas depend on time and budget. No matter you need a small indoor stage or large famous stars concert stage. We will work together with you to create a best-in-class solution for your event.

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annual dinner stage

Our professional team

There are lots of plan detail to keep in mind when planning your event. Stage design is the base of your event work, especially there is an ideal theme. Our team will give you suggestion from previous similar experience at first conversation.

Event site visit is a next important step. Our team will confirm the size and structure of event venue. During venue investigation, we can get a better insight into which parts of stage and set need to built in advance, which can be built on site and what size of space to complete construction job.After that we can decide which part of stage and set need be built in advance, which can be on site and what size of space to complete construction job. It is always ignored that construction space is not finished set space. Another consideration is access to event venue. It includes path to venue, lifts and stairs. We will find and fix any issues affect access by a walk-through.

Depend on venue information and dimensions, we will finish stage design work that will complement with your ideas, budget and theme. Our 3D visualization will help you and your team understand which is the best option. Specific AV equipment, such as led walls, projection screen and large format displays, will offer as part for your stage equipment.

Once stage design is confirmed and stage hire agreed, we will start our stage construction work. style and venue will dictate stage construction way. We can produce most of it in advanced and build together for event, or build the whole set on site. In addition, stage furniture, additional lighting, cue monitor, cameras and other extra elements will decorate stage for your unique theme.

If you need set area change in event running, we need to plan this in original design, in order to spend time on taking place during the event. We try to give flexibility and use most of space in your event.

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ceremony stage

Our stage hire service

Our full range of stage items including:

1 Stage Systems
2 Stage Plate
3 Stage carpet
4 Stage Curtain Tracks
5 Stand Spares
6 Stage Risers
7 Stage Skirts
8 Stage Accessories
9 Truss system
10 Aluminum Tubes
11 Clamps and Accessories
12 Stage & Theater Curtains
13 DJ Booths and Accessories
14 Drape Suspension System
15 Lighting Stands
16 Loudspeaker Stands
17 Pipes and Clamps
18 Rope Barriers and Walkways

When you hire a stage from Eagle Focus, you don’t just get stage deck rental or set build. Our team take your ideas from initial concept to event reality with years experience. It isn’t an exaggeration that from design, to audio visual facility, temporary stage rental and event shooting, to set-up and technical assistant on event day, Eagle Focus can handle every aspect of your event whatever the size of your event.

Eagle Focus is a professional stage hire company with 15 year experience. Our team can take your ideas from initial concept to event reality. No matter the size or venue of your event. We aim to  deliver practical and creative solution for you. Cooperate with us means you have a proven partner. Our knowledge and experience will empower your event exceed expectation.

conference stage

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