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Platinum Shield Huayu Financial Annual Dinner

Time: January 27, 2018
Activity Category: Annual Dinner
Venue: Shenzhen Bao’an Medea Hotel
Organizer: Platinum Shield Huayu Finance

Platinum Shield Huayu Finance, three years ago, was founded in a metal house. In just three years, the team has more than 100 people. Most of them are passionate after 90, and the goal of 2018 is 10,000. The loan target of the car, reviewing the rapid development of the company is inseparable from the efforts and support of each Platinum Shield Huayu staff.

The company has achieved such good results to celebrate, and also wish the company a more brilliant tomorrow. This event was planned and implemented by Eagle Focus. Eagle Focus provide professional event service for this excellent conference. Our service including: venue selection, stage design & decoration, publicity video editing, live photo & video streaming, public propaganda, event video recording and editing,  audio visual equipment rental, furniture hire.




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